Amerta Sound. Meditation & Practice

Sabtu, 23 Januari 2021

Pukul 08.00 – 11.00 WIB

di Sumberawan Candi, Malang. Jawa Timur.


We will set off to the temples in the early morning. We take the back roads through small villages and along winding roads. The drive was easy going and the roads were mostly empty, rising steadily ever upwards.

The temperature was cool and fresh. The tropical heat of lowland Java felt a world away.

Sumberawan is a Buddhist stupa located in Toyomarto village, Sumberawan subdistrict, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The stupa is located on the highlands, on the southern slope of Mount Arjuno, surrounded by numbers of watersprings.
It is located about 6 kilometres north from Singhasari temple, therefore, the stupa is traditionally linked to the historic Singhasari Kingdom that ruled the area circa 13th Century CE. The experts however, suggest that the stupa structure is dated from about the end of 14th century to the beginning of 15th century, during Majapahit period.

Get a unique experience Amerta Sound meditating at Sumberawan Temple and an Javanese ancient’s Buddhist temple in temple area. Let’s do alive spiritual moments with Galih naga seno and take a sound meditation at 14th century Buddhist temple in East Java.

Come and join the Amerta Sound meditation together to take a focused mind and moment when chanting, spelling and hearing the words as the part of meditation practice. After the Amerta Sound meditation, we will do a silent meditation focusing on your mind, by paying attention to your breath in and out and get the spiritual moment to release all burdens and away from the routines. Afterwards, we move to the chamber of the temple and take another quiet spiritual experience at the 14th century temple. Absorb and tuning the pure energy and feel the fresh mind in.After the meditation practice, we spend a another little time to have a local lunch meet local people in the village, which is another experience you must get during your mindfulness in Java island.

What’s included:
Mineral water
Entrance ticket

Bring your singing bowl / accoustic instrument (prefer wind instruments and strings) , yoga mat/ comfy mat for sitting only.